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Welcome to Archives and Special Collections at Ball State University Libraries

This database will search materials in the Archives and Special Collections repositories. Materials in the database include correspondence, journals and diaries, newspapers, university records, visual materials such as films and photographs, audio recordings, digital material, and much more.
Some tips for searching our finding aids:
  • When searching keywords or terms, be sure to place them in double quotes ( "Beneficence " or "Muncie Theater ").
  • Searches will return collection-level, series-level, and folder- or item-level results, which can be filtered on the right-hand side of the page.
  • "Collection” will give you results of only collections.
  • "Archival records” will give you results of only series, sub-series, folders, and items.
  • Selecting a collection from the search results will take you to the main body of the finding aid. To best view the inventory of the collection, click on the blue bar where it says "Collection Organization. " You can then scroll down and see all of the items found in the collection. This is currently the easiest way to search through a list of the items in a collection.